June 4 & 5, 2022
SoFFT Nights Festival
Dunderry Park, Co. Meath

Adapted, directed, and produced in-house by The Crows and supported by SoFFT Productions, Krabat is a fresh adaptation of the Sorbian myth tailored to a contemporary Irish audience.


Krabat follows the story of a young girl who is called to a mill deep in the woods. After becoming an apprentice to the mysterious miller, she not only learns his craft but also the secrets of black magic. She soon discovers that the power of magic comes with a price and is ultimately confronted with the choice to follow years of tradition or break the rules and blaze her own path. 

The story of Krabat allows the audience to contemplate questions of intergenerational conflict and the duty of disobedience within a magical context. When do traditions no longer apply to our current reality? And what does it mean for a young person to move against age-old rules and traditions? 

The production is specifically designed for the beautiful and extraordinary outdoor venue of Dunderry Park. Following Krabat through her story, we will explore the site’s wonderful nature anew and find the magic in the ordinary – strolling together through the woods and over the meadows. We specifically welcome families and audience interaction. 

Suitable for ages 5 to 105!


Portrait By Lorna Fitzsimons

Maeve Bradley as Krabat

Maeve Bradley is an actress from Co. Tyrone and a 2021 graduate of The Lir Academy Dublin. Her credits include BBC Northern Ireland Radio Drama – The Heiress and The General, Gulliver’s Travels – The Lyric Theatre Belfast and Les Miserables – The Grand Opera house Belfast. During her time at The Lir some of Maeve’s most memorable roles include Olga in Summerfolk – directed by Tom Creed,  Flaminia in Everybody loves Sylvia – directed by Wayne Jordan, Mother Victoria in Eclipsed – directed by Caroline Byrne, Antigone in Burial at Thebes – directed by  Caitríona Mclaughlin and The Mother in Machinal – directed by Holly Griffith.

aoife by fnati.c headshots

Aoife Browne as Rhea

Aoife is an Irish theatre maker based in Dublin. She has trained at the Lyric Theatre’s Drama Studio (2019) and Tinderbox Theatre Company’s Play Machine (2020). In February 2022 she debuted her original work Space Girls at the Scene + Heard Festival. Other recent credits include Laura in Lovely Spread at the Etcetera Theatre, London and Rebekah in In Her Mind’s Eye at the An Grianán Theatre, Co Donegal.

Nicole Delprete as Mavis

Nicole DelPrete is an actress, comedian, and sketch comedy writer native to Phoenix, Arizona. A University of Arizona 2021 graduate, she has been involved in numerous shows while in Tucson, including: This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl does Nothing, Blood Wedding, Little Prince, and Three Sisters. Nicole has also been a proud member of U of A’s Darwin Improv Troupe and a recurring cast member with both Scoundrel and Scamp Theatre, as well as the Rouge Theatre. She is currently West Coast-based with plans on relocating to the East Coast to continue her pursuit in comedy later this year. With this being her first time out of her home country, she is excited to make her European debut!

Molly Whelan as The Miller

Molly Whelan is an actor from Dublin. She graduated from The Lir Academy with a B.A. in Acting in 2021. Her most recent credits include Woman in Skinned by Kat Ennis and Mary Ann ‘Polly’ Nichols in Canonical by Scout Black both at Scene+Heard Festival 2022. During her time at The Lir Molly’s most memorable roles were Brigit Murphy in Eclipsed directed by Caroline Byrne, Cassius in Julius Caesar directed by Marc Atkinson Borrull and The Defence Lawyer in Machinal directed by Holly Griffith.

featuring Coleman Pedigo as the Troubadour

Coleman is an actor and musician from North Carolina and graduated from The Lir Academy in 2021. His credits include The Grapes Of Wrath, A Time To Kill, The Winter’s Tale, and Barbecue Apocalypse (Warehouse PAC – Cornelius, NC) as well as Cloudmoney (audiobook – Penguin Random House UK and Harper Collins USA).
Credits at The Lir include The Unreturning, The Antipodes, Julius Caesar, Summerfolk, and Midwinter.

Cast and Creative

Creative Team

Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Understudy: Hazel Clifford

Costume Design Consultant: LaurA Fajardo Castro

Props Design: Tara McDermott


Social Media Consultant: Babatunde Alabi

Logo Artist: Kat Ennis

Written by Eftychia Spyridaki

Directed by Holly Griffith

Produced by Franziska Detrez



We currently have a small grant from Sofft Productions to support our production. This gives us enough money to cover our actors’ wages and accommodation near the venue. We require additional funds to rent rehearsal space, purchase costume pieces, props, and other materials, and – most importantly – compensate our Assistant Director/Stage Manager. If you support us in paying all the people involved in the production, this gives us more range for all the other expenses.

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