Common Crow Theatre is an international theatre company based in Dublin, Ireland. We are interested in investigating globally urgent themes and their specific relevance to an Irish audience. 

We want to connect Irish and international theatre by starting conversations between local artists and artists abroad. Like the common crow, we want to carry seeds of ideas across borders, and produce art that adds colour to our sense of our place in the world.

Theatre is often the silent agreement that happens when group A is offered space and time to tell a story, and group B witnesses it; watches, listens, shares the experience, usually without interrupting. How much more interesting would that agreement be, if Group A came from different parts of the world, different backgrounds and disciplines, and met in Ireland and used performance as a conduit to share?

We want to create and support a diverse and creative community in Dublin, raise awareness for marginalized and underrepresented themes and groups and offer visibility to those that are often overlooked. We hope to offer work that reflects on the relevant political topics of our time while paying respect to the aspects of fun and entertainment in theatre. – And we like dark stuff.

Holly Griffith
Eftychia Spyridaki
Franziska Detrez

Theatre is a shared experience. 

Theatre is what happens between an audience and one or more performers. 

Theatre is the tension that develops between these people being in the same space at the same time. 

Theatre is open. Theatre is a „Gesamtkunstwerk“ (a synthesis of the arts) allowing other art forms
to pour in and enrich and shape what happens between audience and performer. 

Theatre is more than entertainment.

Theatre is an out-of-the-ordinary-event. 

Theatre questions, doubts, and challenges.

Theatre responds to its social, cultural, political, and environmental surroundings.

Theatre resonates within the audience of its time. 

Theatre flows back to enrich its social, cultural, political, and environmental surroundings.

Theatre surprises. 

Theatre is magic. Theatre is the re-enchantment of the world.

Crows express themselves in regional dialects